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Katherine Sadowski

Katherine Sadowski

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Very easy: Simply enter a search term in the search bar to start the search. You do not have to press "ENTER" - a live search will be performed immediately after entering the search term.

We explain the structure of the quick search hit list using the demo document "My first PaperOffice document", the supplied directories and the search term "document". The search term occurs in the text recognition and in the folder name. The search is not case sensitive, which means that PaperOffice does not distinguish between upper and lower case searches.

The search results are listed in 3 different columns, if found. If no search term has been entered, the most recently added items (documents, emails and folders) will be listed.

1) Search results from the title of the respective element are highlighted in yellow. Icon of the respective folder and the folder path are also indicated.

2) Search results from the text recognition of the document or the email are symbolically marked, and the number of results found is also displayed.

3) Date. In all three columns, the date is given on the right. It displays the date on which the element (document, email, or folder) was added to PaperOffice.

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