How does scanning with ScanConnect work?

Katherine Sadowski

Katherine Sadowski

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Very easily! Click on the "Add" button in the top menu bar, marked with a plus symbol, then select "Paper document". You can also press the shortcut key F5, this also takes you to the scanner interface.

In the first section "Scanner" you select the desired scanner. PaperOffice supports all common TWAIN and WIA scanners. After you have found your scanner in the collection, you can also give any name for your scanner by clicking on the "Edit" button to the right and give a name.

In the next area, select Flatbed, Automatic Document Feeder, or Two-Sided Scanning (Duplex). Of course, the selected scan path must be supported by the scanner you selected in the previous step.

In the next section, you can decide whether to scan using the original software (use the manufacturer's software) or to use the PaperOffice own software. Select the appropriate option. Once the scanner and scan path have been set, you can also set it to scan before your batch should be split due to added PaperOffice QR codes, separator pages, or generally in the case of multiple document pages.

Select "Enable PaperOffice QR Code" and in the next step, if not available, you can print out the unique PaperOffice QR Codes and attach them to your document.

In order to be able to scan multiple documents simultaneously as a batch, without having to make a subsequent manual document separation in the interface, we recommend the use of PaperOffice separation pages. Separator pages signal that a new document is starting. The documents are automatically shared by the system, read in one at a time and displayed as separate documents in the last ScanConnect step after clicking on "Split by separating pages". You can print separator pages by clicking on "Print separating page" in the top right corner of your scanner dialog.

If your batch consists only of individual documents (or you want to create and save a single document in PaperOffice for each page) you can enable the option "Split PDF into single pages" before scanning - PaperOffice will be created for each page in the next step separate document.

Additionally and completely automated, PaperOffice optimizes your document: edges, punctures, stains are removed.

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