What are the advantages of using a database on a NAS device (such as Synology or QNAP)?

Sebastian Krause

Sebastian Krause

PaperOffice Europe

Using the database on an external server or NAS instead of locally brings many advantages, such as:

- No database server has to be started locally, which means that about 200MB of RAM and CPU resources are saved.

- The "max_connections" (maximum number of simultaneous connections) in a local database is lower than that when using a NAS. So that PaperOffice can establish more simultaneous connections to the database.

- The data backup in PaperOffice is not necessary anymore since this takes place directly on a NAS.

- MySQL or, accordingly, the MariaDB configuration can be adapted and optimized independently to achieve maximum database performance.

- Direct access to the MySQL database or MariaDB can be done via HeidiSQL or phpMyAdmin.

Database NAS Advantage

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