I have problems or my antivirus is blocking PaperOffice - what can I do?

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Ulrike Sanger

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We generally recommend contacting the PaperOffice support team to resolve the issue through our free installation service via phone and TeamViewer support@paperoffice.com

Step 1 - Completely remove antivirus and use Windows Defender (recommended)

  1. Open the "Control Panel", click under "Programs" on "Uninstall a program" and look for your installed anti-virus program in the list. With a right click you can select the option "Uninstall".
  2. The uninstallation program then starts. Here click on the "Uninstall" button.
  3. When the process is complete, you will be asked whether you want to restart your computer. Confirm the query with "Yes".

Make a clean new installation:

  1. Uninstall PaperOffice via the Control Panel, acknowledge any possible error messages with OK.
  2. Make sure the installation directory as well as the setup file "com.paperoffice.setup.en.windows.full.exe", the setup folder "com.paperoffice.setup.files" and the following directories have been removed:
  3. Restart PC.
  4. Download the newest release http://www.paperoffice.com/download
  5. Run this setup with an administrator account and go through
  6. Restart the PC in the last setup step.

Step 2 - Configuration of Antivirus resolves 99.9% of all problems

Make sure your virus scanner does not block any PaperOffice components unless you are using Windows Defender. If in doubt and also to speed up PaperOffice, add the PaperOffice installation folder to the "exclusion list", "exception list" or "whitelist".

For questions how to do it, conact your antivirus vendor or our support team, we´ll be happy to help.

All PaperOffice components are guaranteed to be free from viruses, malware and Trojans.
If your antivirus still incorrectly reports a virus or similar, you can always check it out yourself at www.virustotal.com Check if the file is really infected or if you should use a reliable virus scanner. Logically, as a Windows manufacturer, Microsoft also has the best possible antivirus solution!

Most antivirus programs do more harm than good to your system and slow down your entire system immensely.
Read on Chip.de "Ex-Firefox developer: Uninstall Your Anti-Virus Protection immediately"

Trust only original Microsoft software!
We recommend the use of the best antivirus "Windows Defender" which is already integrated directly into Windows 10.

After the update, check if your problem persists. If so, please proceed to the next step.

To ensure that nothing was blocked during the installation, we recommend uninstalling PaperOffice and reinstalling it, as described under Step 1.

Step 3 - if you can start PaperOffice

Make sure all PaperOffice components are registered correctly. Start PaperOffice and select "Options" - "Continue and force update"

After the update check if your problem persists. If so, please proceed to the next step.

Step 4 (Only if you use your own database server)

Make sure your MySQL / MariaDB server is properly installed and configured. The default factory settings are required when installing MySQL 5.6 or MariaDB5.

For questions, contact MySQL support or MariaDB support or use the PaperOffice support agreement.

Step 5

Make sure that no critical components are blocked.

To do this, start PaperOffice and select "Options > Perform self-diagnosis".

If no errors are detected select "Start PaperOffice in diagnostic mode", follow the instructions and make a note of the diagnostics identifier.

Step 6

Describe in the text box of the diagnostic mode all necessary steps from the start of the program to your problem as accurately and comprehensibly as possible (list, screenshots, instructions, video, etc.).

If files are involved in the problem, please send this file to support@paperoffice.com. You should blacken data protection-relevant data.

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