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Katherine Sadowski

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How to report a bug

    Open a new report for each error!
    Thus, an effective error correction job will be completed for each error.
    Make sure PaperOffice is up to date and use the latest version!

Write precise steps to reproduce

Writing the precise steps to reproduce an error is the most important part of an error report.
If a developer can reproduce the error, the error will most likely be fixed.

Describe the exact instructions or procedure in the form of "1) ..., 2) ..., 3) ..." from start to error with screenshots and / or ideally, as video recording.
If you don't have video recording software, Windows 10 has a built-in video recorder; You can find more information here.

What should you include in an error report? Example
Please indicate whether you can reproduce the error at will, occasionally or not at all. I can reproduce the error by following these steps:
Describe your method of interacting with PaperOffice in addition to the intent of each step. 1. Start PaperOffice by double-clicking the desktop icon.
2. Click Continue to enter.
3. ...         
After your steps, accurately describe the observed (current) result and expected result. Clearly separate the facts (observations) from the speculations. Expected result: Finish loading the surface and display the daily summary window.
Current Result: The surface loading window plays indefinitely and the program no longer responds.         

Evaluate the impact of the error:

    Blocker / Showstopper: No task can be performed.
    Critical: Unexpected closure of the application, loss of data.
    Major: Great loss of function.
    Minor: Less loss of function.
    Trivial: some improvements to the user interface.

Create a new empty database

Create a new, empty, local database and check whether the error also occurs here. If the error does not occur, the problem is with your database.

Suggestion of solution

Describe your suggestion to fix the error.

Provide additional information.

  • Operating system, antivirus / firewall software, processor, memory, hard disk (or device manufacturer and model)
  • Does the user have administrator rights or restricted rights?
  • Have you added the PaperOffice program folder to the list of exclusions for your antivirus?
  • Where is the database stored?
            If it is not local: on a NAS ->manufacturer name), on a server ->operating system, MySQL / MariaDB version.     

    If the error also affects files, we also need them if possible. Hide sensitive data before sending it.

Please send the detailed bug report along with the files to

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