What to do if you receive the error code "#E6120" - The PaperOffice API access to ports 8890-8892 are blocked by your antivirus or firewall!

Alicia L. Heenan

Alicia L. Heenan

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If you receive the error code "# E6120", make sure that ports 8890 - 8892 are not being blocked by your antivirus / firewall or occupied by any other third-party program.
error code E6120

Blocked ports

Enter the settings of your antivirus and/or firewall and check the status of ports 8890-8892, if they are closed or blocked open and unlock these ports.
If necessary, contact the support team of your antivirus / firewall manufacturer to help you with the configuration.

Occupied Ports

Make sure ports 8890-8892 are not occupied by any other program.
The easiest way to verify this is to open your browser and enter the following address:
You should receive the error message “This web page is not available”

Website not available

If the browser shows any other type of content, the ports 8890-8892 are being used by some other program.
In this case, look for the program in question and change the ports in the settings or close the program completely if necessary.

If none of these steps solve your problem, contact the PaperOffice technical support team.

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