Office documents or Outlook emails are not submitted or the transfer button is missing, what can I do?

Katherine Sadowski

Katherine Sadowski

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Make sure you are using a supported version of Microsoft Office:
Microsoft Office 2016, Microsoft Office 2017, Microsoft Office 365

1. Check if the problem is not with your Office / Outlook. Uninstall and reinstall your Office / Outlook. After uninstalling the PaperOffice AddIn must be reinstalled. Perform the following steps:

- Quit all Office programs.

- Start the file C:\PaperOffice\bin\com.paperoffice.addinsetup.application and click on "Unregister" to remove the addins.

- Now click on "Register" to reinstall the AddIns.

Now check whether the error has been resolved.

If the error has not yet been resolved, execute step 2:

2. Click on the AddIn button "Transfer to PaperOffice" and open one of the following directories:

C:\Users\USERNAME\PaperOffice\import\OfficeAddin\Word for Word Documents

C:\Users\USERNAME\PaperOffice\import\OfficeAddin\Excel for Excel Documents

C:\Users\USERNAME\PaperOffice\import\OfficeAddin for Outlook Emails

and check if the just submitted document from Word or Excel is in one of the two directories. For Outlook emails, check if there is a json file in C:\Users\USERNAME\PaperOffice\import\OfficeAddin.

If the document (or email) exists in the appropriate directory, please contact technical support, which you will find in your briefing under "Support and Documentation" and then "Create support ticket."

3. In case the corresponding Word or Excel file or json file for emails is not in one of the listed directories, please contact Microsoft.

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