PaperOffice printer is not working, what can I do?

Katherine Sadowski

Katherine Sadowski

PaperOffice Europe
Please follow these instructions: - PaperOffice is not allowed to run - Empty the directory "C: \ ProgramData \ Temp" - Open Notepad (Start> Run> Notepad), enter "Test" and print on "Realify PaperOffice" - Open the folder "C: \ ProgramData \ Temp" - If the folder is empty, remove the printer from Control Panel and reinstall it by running the file "Realize PaperOffice VirtualPrinterSetup.exe" under "c: / PaperOffice / bin". The password is After installation, test the printer again as described above. - If there are 2 files in the folder and you can open the PDF file (content "Test") the printer is installed correctly. PaperOffice uses built-in directory tracking to capture this print PDF. Make sure that the directory "C: \ ProgramData \ Temp" is not blocked by antivirus software or something similar. - After making sure that this directory is guaranteed not to be blocked, copy the PDF file from the directory to a temporary directory and start PaperOffice. - Set up a new directory monitoring of your choice or use an existing directory monitoring to monitor a Windows folder. Then copy the PDF file created by the printer driver into this directory. If the file is not imported, the entire directory monitoring is blocked by your antivirus software or something else. Make sure that the PaperOffice installation folder, the PaperOffice Temp folder (c: / Users / YOURNAME / PaperOffice) and the folder "C: \ ProgramData \ Temp" are not blocked. - If you are absolutely sure, that your antivirus software has nothing to do with it, uninstall PaperOffice and reinstall PaperOffice. If the problem still persists when printing from Notepad, contact technical support.

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