How is the licensing of PaperOffice generally structured?

Peter Hertz
Peter Hertz

Created: 27.01.2019 1:51 - Updated: 27.10.2019 3:43

PaperOffice One and One Plus program licenses are valid for one user account, one database, and installation on a single PC.
To use PaperOffice in the network, NAS or your own server, you need the version PaperOffice Team.
The database server itself does not need its own license.
PaperOffice can be reinstalled any number of times on the licensed PC.
If you want to work with several databases, you need a separate PaperOffice user account for each database. Otherwise, you can change the database every 96 hours. A PaperOffice Team license allows installation on up to 3 PCs, but only 1 user account. For the installation on more than 3 PCs or for the simultaneous work of several users in the network, you will need one PaperOffice Team license per user account.
PaperOffice as single-user version and local database storage = 1 license PaperOffice One or One Plus
PaperOffice with installation on up to 3 PCs and 1 user account as well as database storage on NAS (such as QNAP) = 1 license PaperOffice Team
PaperOffice in the network and database storage on NAS (such as QNAP) with 5 user accounts = 5 pieces of PaperOffice Team

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