What does a PaperOffice Plus (formerly USP Plus) include?

Daniel Kruger
Daniel Kruger

Created: 21.12.2020 4:04 - Updated: 06.04.2021 5:15

PaperOffice Users with PaperOffice Plus are generally treated with preference, as well as the response times and free act of generosity / support provided by our support team

PaperOffice Plus extends your PaperOffice licenses to the full range of programs.

From the personal contact to the included free support.

Extended use of PaperOffice OnlineServices and provision of all intermediate updates.

The listed services are the guaranteed inclusive services, the actual scope of support is independently assessed and extended free of charge by our support team

Updates for the purchased version

  • All updates for the purchased version including new features, quality updates, feature updates, and legal standards adjustments

Updates to all new PaperOffice versions

  • Annual free updates on new versions of PaperOffice (2020, 2021, 2022, etc.)

Support by phone and Teamviewer

  • Personal PaperOffice support by a PaperOffice Supporter by telephone and Teamviewer (remote maintenance), one support case (15min) per month and for all licenses, not cumulative

PaperOffice OnlineServices

Email Support

  • Personal PaperOffice ticket support in the PaperOffice Ticket ConsumerSupport, one support case (15min) per month and for all licenses, not cumulative

How can I activate PaperOffice Plus later?

It's easy! In your PaperOffice interface click on the briefing symbol in the top menu bar.
Switch to the tab labeled "Program Status Help and Support".

In the PaperOffice Plus area you will see the activation button labeled "Activate PaperOffice Plus". Click this one.
You will be redirected to the shop.

Activate PaperOffice Plus for the specified user account and restart PaperOffice.

Activate PaperOffice Plus

Done !

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