What should I pay attention to when using PaperOffice on the terminal server?

Peter Hertz
Peter Hertz

Created: 21.06.2020 4:09 - Updated: 19.11.2020 4:18

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Can I use PaperOffice on a Windows Terminal Server?
Yes, you can use PaperOffice on Windows Terminal Servers 2019 without any problems.

What do I have to consider?

  • Depending on the server configuration, you may have to grant individual users write and read rights for the PaperOffice installation folder. Server configuration
  • A local database cannot be used with terminal server . Instead, use your own database server, which can also run directly on the server.

    Not use local database

    Server configuration

  • The language packs for text recognition installed in PaperOffice must be the same for all users.
  • If the license window is displayed after creating a new user account and the "Next" button is missing, just restart PaperOffice.
  • The virtual PaperOffice PDF printer, scanner ScanConnect and ScreenCapture are not available on the terminal server.

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