Frequently Asked Questions

Database and data

All documents and files are stored either directly on your PC, in an encrypted database or, if your documents are saved under "My Windows Documents", so they are saved unencrypted in your local Windows directory.

You also have the option to set up the database on a NAS drive to store your data on the NAS.

In all cases, you have access to your data at all times.

PaperOffice requires approximately 1 TB per 1,000,000 document pages for the complete storage of all data.

The actual memory requirement depends on various factors, such as Scan resolution, page size, proportion of digital / analog documents and proportion of graphic elements / text on documents as well as other factors.

You can work with multiple databases in PaperOffice.

For a smooth work with several databases we recommend the use of several licenses, because a frequent database change, for your own security, may involve a cool down of 3 days and each user account only the license for a database connection includes.

To avoid connecting / disconnecting, we recommend creating a second user account and connecting it to the second database. So you can conveniently choose the respective user account and work immediately with the connected database, since the database can be changed by a user ONLY by disconnecting and then connecting.

Disconnect then disconnect using the existing database connection.

Now you have to connect to a new database by simply clicking on "Next" after disconnecting the database and selecting the database in the next step.

To be able to share a database in the network, proceed as follows:

Every single user who wants to connect to a database must first create a PaperOffice account .

Then select in Options "Continue and manage database connection" and "Start database manager" .
Then select Local database and "Use existing database or restore from backup" and enter the path of your existing database, which is located in the network.
In the next step you will be asked to enter the MasterKey of this database, this serves to prevent unauthorized third parties from gaining access to sensitive data. After you have selected the correct MasterKeys, you will be connected to the database and can start.

In general, all file formats are supported by PaperOffice, but a preview image is not created and text recognition is offered for all file formats.

The following file formats are directly supported in PaperOffice:

"jpg", "jpeg", "pdf", "png", "tif", "tiff", "html", "htm", "txt"

If Microsoft Office 365 is installed, the following file formats are also supported, depending on the edition:

"doc", "docx", "ppt", "pptx", "xls", "xlsx"

On the local PC

PaperOffice has its own standard database server (MariaDB10) which is installed immediately and ready to run without additional settings

On a NAS (Network Attached Storage)

Most NAS devices have an integrated MySQL or MariaDB database server which PaperOffice can use directly

Your own local Windows or Linux server

You can install MySQL or MariaDB on any server and have PaperOffice use it.

Dedicated root server in any data center

PaperOffice supports the use of remote networked MySQL and MariaDB databases with the integrated endpoint-to-endpoint encryption

Amazon Web Services

Similar to dedicated root servers, PaperOffice supports the use of MySQL and MariaDB databases in the AWS Cloud with integrated endpoint-to-endpoint encryption

Every database created by PaperOffice is protected with a high level password.
All contained documents are encrypted by the PaperOffice ChunkCrypt with military encryption of 1024bit .

Of course, you can save all databases directly on your NAS drive, provided your NAS has a MySQL server, e.g. Synology or QNAP NAS.

In addition, PaperOffice supports the use of a MariaDB 5 and MariaDB 10 database server, which can be installed under Windows, Linux or MacOS.

We recommend you use the databases on the NAS from QNAP or Synology.

Please note that both MariaDB 5 and MariaDB 10 should be set up, use our setup videos on YouToube or HelpDesk entries.

You can also purchase our extended support service, our technical staff will set up the database for you without any problems a.

No, to use PaperOffice on a Mac you have to use e.g. Virtual Box.

Please test before you buy whether a virtualization software meets your requirements.

Please note that PaperOffice does not provide any support services for this.

PaperOffice was specially developed for Windows 10 64bit.

You should also ensure that third-party software installed on your Windows, such as antivirus programs, PaperOffice or individual PaperOffice modules, neither block nor slow them down.

As a Microsoft product, we recommend using Windows Defender.

PaperOffice does NOT support x86 systems.

No, your data is generally not stored in the cloud!

If the PaperOffice database was created locally on your premises, you save your data under "My PaperOffice documents" and "Common PaperOffice documents", these will be stored in the MySQL database set up locally in a highly encrypted manner.

If you save your data under "My Windows documents" or "Common Windows documents", they will be saved locally in your Windows directory.

In the event that your database has been set up on a NAS server (such as QNAP or Synology), your data will be saved in the database on the NAS server.

PaperOffice requires around 1 TB per 1,000,000 document pages for the complete storage of all data.

The actual memory requirement depends on various factors, such as scan resolution, page size, proportion of digital / analog documents and proportion of graphic elements / text on documents and other factors.

Use the free PaperOffice installation support, which is offered with an initial installation!

Our supporters are at your side during the initial installation by phone and team viewer for a guaranteed smooth start with PaperOffice.

A PaperOffice supporter will help you by phone and Teamviever (remote maintenance). This service is a free goodwill service as part of the PaperOffice trust guarantee.

Go to the following page and request a free appointment .


NO! PaperOffice does NOT need an internet connection to work.

Internet is only required to download the setup package, create the user account, create a database, and add the device.

Please note that no updates or release updates will be executed and all online-based services will be deactivated.

The PaperOffice program license is also filed offline. If the local license file is damaged or changed, you will need an internet connection once to repair it automatically.


PaperOffice is available in the following languages:

  • German flag German (DE)
  • English flag English (EN)
  • Russian flag Russian (RU)
  • Spanish flag Spanish (ES)

A BETA version is also available in the following languages:

  • Dutch
  • Portuguese
  • French (FR)
  • Italian

  • You can give us the best possible support:
    Report any translation errors you notice. You can also make suggestions for improvement by sending us an EMAIL with the error and the correct spelling.

Yes, PaperOffice fully supports UTF-8 (Unicode) encoding.

Minimum system requirements

Operating systems / Approved under : Windows® 10 x64 (64bit), Microsoft® Office® 2016-2019, Microsoft® Office® 365. Recommended: Windows® 10 x64 (64bit). The use of different components is possible, but can lead to technical restrictions. PaperOffice requires local administrator rights for proper operation. Check independently of the operating system by means of a test installation whether all functions meet your requirements, as no official release can take place due to a lack of update / system support.

Display : Required: 1280 x 768, Recommended: 1920 x 1080 or more. Mobile devices - Required: 960 x 640, Recommended: 1280 x 720 or more.

Hardware : Required: 4GB RAM, processor performance Intel i5 of the newer generation (or comparable), Internet connection (downstream at least 10Mbit, upstream at least 1Mbit). Internet connection is not required for productive operation, only for downloading the setup package, creating the user account, creating the database and adding the device. Recommended: as before, but 8GB RAM, Intel i7 (or comparable), installation and database on SSD, internet connection (downstream min. 16 Mbit, upstream synchronous or min. 5 Mbit)

Network (optional) : Required: Standard TCP / IP network 100Mbit. Recommended: Standard TCP / IP network 1Gbit. For RSPS (Secure Personal Server) or remote server networking, server connection with at least 50Mbit synchronous, client connection with at least 20Mbit downstream, 1Mbit upstream.

Database : Required - at least 1GB free space for local database storage. Recommended: Data storage on a NAS device (such as QNAP or Synology) with at least 10GB MB free space.

Printer / scanner (optional) : For purposes with little paper volume: standard flatbed or sheet-fed scanner with WIA or TWAIN interface, inkjet or laser printer. For purposes with medium volume of paper: powerful feeder scanner with ADF (automatic document feeder) with WIA or TWAIN interface, laser printer. For purposes with high paper volumes: large combination devices such as Konica Minolta BizHub series with WIA or TWAIN interface or Scan2file function.

Licensing : PaperOffice program licenses of version One are valid for one user account, one database and installation on just one PC. Use with a database on a NAS is permitted.
To use PaperOffice in a network, NAS or your own server, you need the PaperOffice Team version.
The database server itself does not need a license of its own.
PaperOffice can be reinstalled as often as required on the licensed PC. If you want to work with several databases, you need a separate PaperOffice user account for each database. Otherwise, you can change the database every 96 hours. A PaperOffice Team license allows installation on up to 3 PCs, but only 1 user account. For the installation on more than 3 PCs or for the simultaneous work of several users in the network, you need a PaperOffice Team license per user account.
Examples :
PaperOffice as a single user version, local database storage or database on a NAS = 1 piece of PaperOffice One
PaperOffice with installation on up to 3 PCs and 1 user account as well as database storage on NAS (such as QNAP) = 1 piece of PaperOffice Team
PaperOffice in the network and database storage on NAS (such as QNAP) with 5 user accounts = 5 PaperOffice Team

Orders and return

Option 1 - physical item, such as product box

If you have purchased PaperOffice as a physical item (e.g. product box with data carrier), proceed as follows:
- Send your complete product box back to the PaperOffice seller within 30 days.
You will receive the full purchase price back within 3-9 working days after receipt.
If you incur shipping costs for insured shipping, these will be reimbursed to you up to an amount of 15 EUR. Please enclose proof of proof of your shipment.

Option 2 - digital article, e.g. digital license as download

Proceed as follows:
All licenses purchased in the PaperOffice online shop have a 30-day right of return, i.e. you can withdraw from the purchase at any time as long as no payment has been made and the license has thus been activated and no services have been used.
Have your received invoice and your original payment details ready and save all documents from PaperOffice, as you will no longer have access after the automatic refund due to the missing license.
Call up the automatic refund on this page ​​ https://https://shop-en.paperoffice.com/refund and follow the instructions.

Note: Please note that due to the automatic check, PaperOffice employees can neither accept returns nor provide information about them. Please note that returns can only be made via this page.

Updates and Support

Before releasing a new update, the PaperOffice technical team checks the updates thoroughly in order to avoid possible problems or temporary loss of maintenance. However, it is NOT possible to scan all computers with different configurations, third-party programs, anti-virus programs, etc., so we ask you to consider the following recommendations:

When a new PaperOffice update is available, we recommend installing it in a test environment or on a virtual machine before installing it in production.

If everything works properly after installation in the test environment, you can update all devices in production.

If you have any questions, please contact the PaperOffice support team.

With PaperOffice PLUS you never have to worry about updates or new versions again and, in addition to personal telephone support, you also activate all online services for the best PaperOffice of all time.

PaperOffice SLA extends your PaperOffice PLUS. This means that if your Plus inclusive contingent for technical support or advice has been exhausted, you can also activate an SLA.

By using PaperOffice Plus you have an inclusive contingent of support and advice. Please note, however, that the actual scope of support is assessed independently by our support team and can be billed after consultation. For more details on the available support types and response times, please refer to here.

Example. For this you need a PaperOffice Plus
- Problems running the PaperOffice installation program
- Questions about the selection of the ideal storage location for the PaperOffice database
- Problems that occur when running the PaperOffice installation program with a local standard database
- Questions related to how to archive an email from Outlook
- Questions related to how to archive screenshots with PaperOffice ScreenCapture
- Problems when running the PaperOffice Addin in Word, Excel or Outlook

Example. For this you need a PaperOffice SLA
- Advice on how PIA can best be used to automatically recognize and store documents
- Setting up a NAS so that PaperOffice uses this for database storage
- Problems after the independent setup of a database on the NAS device
- PaperOffice intensive training and assistance for optimal use and workflow solution


The maximum number is technically unlimited.

This is limited only by the maximum number of users specified in your license (the number of licenses purchased).