How to enable PaperOffice Automatic login?

How to enable PaperOffice Automatic login?
Ines Beyer
Ines Beyer

Created: 09.05.2022 15:05 - Updated: 09.05.2022 16:59

What is "Automatic login" and what are the use cases?

With autologin you will be able to automatically log in to PaperOffice and start the background services and monitorings when the program is started.

This is especially recommended e.g. when using PaperOffice as a standalone service in charge of all the network folder monitorings.

How to enable "Automatic login"

Start PaperOffice, on the login screen click on "Options" and set the checkmark left to "Automatic login"

This will enable "Automatic login", from now on, everytime you start PaperOffice you will see a 5 seconds countdown and then PaperOffice will login automatically.

How to disable "Automatic login"

Close PaperOffice if it is running, start PaperOffice and before the 5 seconds countdown ends click on "Options" and then on "Automatic login" to remove the checkmark.

Pro tip

Create a shortcut for PaperOffice and place it in the current user startup folder here:
C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

This will start PaperOffice on system start.

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