What is a support level and which exist?

Christian Glockner
Christian Glockner

Created: 20.10.2020 12:37 - Updated: 01.04.2021 4:27

The role of technical support

Technical support is a service that assists users of technology products or services. Technical support is also known as IT support, help desk or ComDesk. Unlike traditional training, technical support is usually focused on helping with a specific user problem or problem.

Technical support often contributes to or supports a company's overall customer service philosophy so that the team or department can span the technical world of IT and the practical side of customer service.

Technical support can be provided in a number of ways depending on the level or level of support, including by phone, email, live chat or video, chatbots, online tutorials and guides, message boards, and other logging tools. Popular third-party tools for help desk support include Teamviewer, Skype.

As part of IT Operational Support (IT Ops), our employees support you and your company. You integrate yourself into the already existing group in your company and solve problems, absorb load peaks or take over the system administration. This is one of our core competencies, so that we can offer you a particularly high-quality and reliable service in this area.

Fast and competent help with problems

If the technology or systems in a company cause problems, the consequences can be serious. IT failures sometimes paralyze entire production processes and lead to considerable losses. Operational Support helps to resolve a problem as quickly as possible.

IT support level (levels)

What are different support levels used for?

The structuring of IT support according to levels makes sense for several reasons:

  • Quickly solve small or easily manageable problems
  • Create a schedule and protocol for harder-to-solve problems
  • Increase in employee satisfaction
  • Improving employee training, advancement mobility and retention
  • Obtaining feedback and suggestions for product development
  • Support level 0

    Self-help and information retrieved by the user / HelpDesk
    PaperOffice ComDesk
    PaperOffice YouTube Channel
    PaperOffice Blog

    Examples :
    • How can I request my password?
    • How do I create a new user?
    • Which databases does PaperOffice support?

    You can access support information from the PaperOffice ComDesk , including FAQs, detailed instructions, help on operation or troubleshooting in the PaperOffice Knowledge base, blog posts, manuals and search tools.
    You also use workshop tutorials on your own, in which you can retrieve information on your own without involving the IT staff. Customer forums allow users to crowdsource solutions, usually without the involvement of company staff.

    Support level 1

    General questions, basic help desk resolution, and ticket support deployment
    Write ticket

    Examples :
    • I have questions about an invoice
    • I need a program update
    • I want to activate PaperOffice Plus

    Support with basic customer problems exclusively via the PaperOffice ticket support, such as the solution of general usage problems.

    Support level 2

    Extensive technical support / callback from the support team
    Resources :
    Request recall

    Examples :
    • PaperOffice is blocked by my antivirus
    • I would like to export my invoice for DATEV
    • I need help with learning in documents

    Our experienced and knowledgeable technicians evaluate problems and provide solutions to problems that Level 1 support cannot address. PaperOffice supporters support you with in-depth product knowledge or the service, excluding developers and senior consultants.

    Support level 3

    Competent product and service support
    PaperOffice SLA

    • I am having problems with the database
    • I need help with REGEX creation
    • I need help setting up the PaperOffice API

    Access to the highest available technical resources for problem solving or creating new features.
    Level 3 supporters attempt to duplicate problems and define causes using product designs, code, or specifications.
    Once a cause is identified, the company decides whether to make a new release based on the cause of the problem.
    Level 3 specialists are generally the most highly qualified product specialists and can include the developers and senior consultants who created / programmed / designed the product or service.

    Support level 4

    External support for problems / software that are not supported by PaperOffice
    PaperOffice SLA

    • I am having problems with my NAS device
    • My external database server needs to be optimized
    • PaperOffice does not work as expected on Windows Terminal Server

    Contracted support for items provided by the organization but not directly maintained by the organization, including printer support, vendor software support, and other outsourced services. Problems or inquiries are forwarded to level 4 support and only monitored for implementation after consultation with the customer.

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